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"This is SUCH a different energy to start the rest of the day with! I feel so deeply relaxed, embodied and grounded after my pleasure practice. I breathe more fully, everything feels quieter. Doing this before doing meditation makes meditating a completely different experience! I am teaching a movement class this morning and I’m ready to throw my notes out the window and just lead intuitively today."


"I binged on the 10 day challenge units at 2.30 am☺️☺️. I am already looking for a journal (hopefully, it's as cute as yours), scented candles and (the tool of trade for my pleasure sessions)."


"Passion... my passion... something I’ve struggled with a lot over the last few years. I used to think I had found ‘my passion’ in my photography but then life and the need for a ‘real’ job got in the way. I haven’t thought about my purpose or passion for a while but starting this little project has had me thinking... def need to inject some more passion into my life that’s for sure!"


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