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The top 5 ways my life changed after doing a daily orgasm challenge

Shit. I cant believe I am actually writing this. I had been sitting at my computer for a while trying to think of the perfect title for this article when this idea hit me. I knew I had to write it because I WISH someone had written about this years ago so I could have read it and taken some action as it truly did change my life. 

Before I get into all of the juicy details I want to fill you in on where my life was at when I took on this challenge. I was exhausted. I had 3 young children. I was a young mum but I felt like I had aged several decades from having 3 children. My body was unrecognisable from pregnancy, child birth, lack of sleep, surgeries, and general lack of care and maintenance. I had little energy and interest to take care of myself and would often just count down the hours and minutes until bed time. This was a cruel game as my kids rarely slept in their own beds and the nights were always longer than the days!

My husband at the time never complained about my...

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The One Habit

habits where to start Jun 09, 2020

I’m a huge fan of habits. In fact, creating habits in my day helps calm my sometimes unbalanced anxiety. Habits or routines throughout my life helps me be a better person especially when it comes to raising my kids. As a mum with 3 kids where I solo parent most of the time, there are a lot of tasks to do. So creating specific habits around the most important things I need to do to keep them healthy (and alive) can make our days run a whole lot smoother.

Whether you are aware of them or not, your days (weeks, years, and your entire life) are made up of habits. They can be beneficial habits like brushing your teeth or eating a healthy meal. They can also be more destructive habits like turning to alcohol to relax each day or spending most nights on the couch watching Netflix. The habits you do each day make up your whole life. So it’s important to start being aware of them.

If you are focused on personal improvement then you have probably tried to create new habits once or...

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