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The clear connection between sex and meditation

meditation sexual energy Jun 29, 2020

I love good sex. It energises me in quite a unique way. It makes me feel connected to my partner. It makes me FEEL all parts of my body. It makes me feel sexy and confident. It makes me feel like ME. 

The problem with sex is the way that society 'sells' it. 

From a young age we are told never to have sex because it's dangerous. You will get a disease or get pregnant. Just don't do it. 

We are also told that boys just want us for one thing... 

We become so lured in by this 'dangerous' act and we often don't have really good sex for a long time. All because we have this negative feeling, like we shouldn't be doing it. We're worried that if we enjoy it too much that we'll be called a slut.

It's not until we mature or have an amazing role model around the incredible energy that sex is, that we can truly understand and appreciate it. 

Sex doesn't have to be with anyone else. Self pleasure is a beautiful practice of self care, self nourishment and self...

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