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Episode 7: When we are disconnected we look in all the wrong places

disconnection podcast Jul 12, 2020

This week I thought I would do a written blog as well. You can listen to the podcast episode above or read below.

I feel like we are all ready to have deeper conversations about sex, sexual energy and so much more. I want to discuss the many places we turn to for approval, connection and attention when we are not truly connected with ourselves. 

For me, disconnection feels like I'm sitting on the couch feeling numb. I want to get up and be motivated to clean the house, play with the kids or get some work done. But I can't. I want to feel happy and energetic and bouncy like usual. But I can't.

When I feel disconnected for a number or days it's frustrating. When this continues for weeks it can be a little depressing. When it goes on for years, I feel completely lost. 

This is what I went through for many years when my kids were little. I had no idea how to get out of that space. Psychologists encouraged me to continue to talk it out but I could never really pin...

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