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Interview with Cara Violet

interview podcast Jul 21, 2020

In todays special episode I interview sci-fi author, Cara Violet on how she embraces her sexual energy and what that looks like in her life and work.

You can find out all about here here:

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Episode 8: Girls just want to have fun

podcast sexual energy Jul 19, 2020

Do you remember when you were a little girl and you would just dance around the house? wear the pretty dresses? run through the mud? sing at the top of your lungs?

At what age do we get the memo that we aren't allowed to do that anymore?

I feel like it stopped for me when I was about 8 or 9 years old!

As a woman, mum, partner, daughter, sister and business owner, I have a lot of different hats on at any one time. The responsibility of those hats mean that I don't tend to prioritise having fun as much as I would like.

Over the past few years since I've been on my own personal journey to more pleasure, more joy and more ME, I've been having a lot more fun!

I go out dancing, I crank up the music in the kitchen and dance around when I'm making school lunches. I sing in the car and annoy my kids. I skip down the aisles at shops with my daughter. I laugh without apology. I enjoy my self-pleasure time. 

Life is a lot more fun when you prioritise having fun!

What beliefs are holding...

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Episode 7: When we are disconnected we look in all the wrong places

disconnection podcast Jul 12, 2020

This week I thought I would do a written blog as well. You can listen to the podcast episode above or read below.

I feel like we are all ready to have deeper conversations about sex, sexual energy and so much more. I want to discuss the many places we turn to for approval, connection and attention when we are not truly connected with ourselves. 

For me, disconnection feels like I'm sitting on the couch feeling numb. I want to get up and be motivated to clean the house, play with the kids or get some work done. But I can't. I want to feel happy and energetic and bouncy like usual. But I can't.

When I feel disconnected for a number or days it's frustrating. When this continues for weeks it can be a little depressing. When it goes on for years, I feel completely lost. 

This is what I went through for many years when my kids were little. I had no idea how to get out of that space. Psychologists encouraged me to continue to talk it out but I could never really pin...

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The clear connection between sex and meditation

meditation sexual energy Jun 29, 2020

I love good sex. It energises me in quite a unique way. It makes me feel connected to my partner. It makes me FEEL all parts of my body. It makes me feel sexy and confident. It makes me feel like ME. 

The problem with sex is the way that society 'sells' it. 

From a young age we are told never to have sex because it's dangerous. You will get a disease or get pregnant. Just don't do it. 

We are also told that boys just want us for one thing... 

We become so lured in by this 'dangerous' act and we often don't have really good sex for a long time. All because we have this negative feeling, like we shouldn't be doing it. We're worried that if we enjoy it too much that we'll be called a slut.

It's not until we mature or have an amazing role model around the incredible energy that sex is, that we can truly understand and appreciate it. 

Sex doesn't have to be with anyone else. Self pleasure is a beautiful practice of self care, self nourishment and self...

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The top 5 ways my life changed after doing a daily orgasm challenge

Shit. I cant believe I am actually writing this. I had been sitting at my computer for a while trying to think of the perfect title for this article when this idea hit me. I knew I had to write it because I WISH someone had written about this years ago so I could have read it and taken some action as it truly did change my life. 

Before I get into all of the juicy details I want to fill you in on where my life was at when I took on this challenge. I was exhausted. I had 3 young children. I was a young mum but I felt like I had aged several decades from having 3 children. My body was unrecognisable from pregnancy, child birth, lack of sleep, surgeries, and general lack of care and maintenance. I had little energy and interest to take care of myself and would often just count down the hours and minutes until bed time. This was a cruel game as my kids rarely slept in their own beds and the nights were always longer than the days!

My husband at the time never complained about my...

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