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Interview with Susana Frioni

podcast Aug 25, 2020

In todays episode we go deep into Susana's story about her 'quarter life' crisis, how she started doing sacred dance events and her own exploration of sex and sexuality. This is an incredibly open and honest interview I urge you not to miss!


You can find more about Susana here:

Website -

Instagram - @susanafrioni

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Interview with Tash Longden Brown

podcast Aug 18, 2020

In todays episode I chat with the declutter Queen - Tash Longden Brown. We discuss all things regarding creating a beautiful space and how decluttering can help you embrace your sexual energy. There is definite mention of vibrators and storage that you don't want to miss!

You can find more about Tash here:

Website -

Facebook -

Sunrise Clock - you can check out HERE ON AMAZON

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Interview with Natalie MacNeil

podcast Aug 11, 2020

In this weeks episode I get to chat with Natalie MacNeil. She is the founder of The Embodiment Institute and also one of my business coaches who I joined in Tulum, Mexico many years ago for a business retreat like nothing I've ever experienced before. Today we talk about tantra, sexual energy and having the courage to follow your soul.



You can find Natalie:



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Episode 11: Can orgasms help you through overwhelm?

podcast sexual energy Aug 09, 2020

This morning I had a mini-moment. I was in a state of overwhelm and I was questioning all of my decisions that I'd ever made. Have you had a morning like that? 

I was getting myself into quite a state and it took me a moment before I came up with a plan to break this cycle before it took me whole.

I decided to take the dog down to the beach and just to play.

There were a few reasons why I was in a tizzy this morning. The first reason was that for the past few weeks I had been out of my usual routine. The kids had been on school holidays, I had been away with my partner and he was still on holidays and staying at my place. This threw me out completely!

Another reason why I was in this state (and usually causes most of these moments!) is because I was overthinking my thinking. I think. 

I was overthinking all of my plans for the next few months to the point that NOTHING was getting done. This is usually the culprit when I get overwhelmed. I continue to overthink rather than...

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Interview with Kim Morrison

podcast Aug 04, 2020

In this exclusive interview, I talk to Kim Morrison. Kim truly embraces all that is sexual energy. She has been doing so for her life and being an example for women around the world. In todays interview we discuss the practical tips for you to incorporate into your day to embrace your feminine energy. This interview with make you get off your butt and want to do something today!


You can find Kim:





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Episode 10: Treat yourself like someone you love

podcast sexual energy Aug 02, 2020

Would you stay with someone who treated you the way you treat yourself?

If not, then this message is definitely something I want you to hear. 

The self-talk we have in our heads leads to the actions we take in our life. If we don't speak to ourselves in a kind and loving way, it's difficult to treat ourselves in kind and loving ways. 

For the past few years I have noticed that more habits have formed in my days that shout out 'I love me!'. 

I now make my breakfast and really enjoy it before racing around getting the kids ready in the morning.

I now go for my walks regardless of what is needed of me later.

I now have Tuesday nights to myself so that I can relax, and take some time out in the week.

None of these things existed before. It was like I punished myself for some weird reason. I would make sure EVERYONE else was fed and organised before I ate even though I was exhausted, hungry and cranky!

I felt as though the more I gave to everyone else, the better person I...

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