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Episode 20: Taking off the 'Happy' Mask

podcast Oct 11, 2020

This weeks episode is all about taking off the 'Happy' mask and learning how to open up to dancing with the happiness and sadness of life. I share my own story of how I felt numb in life and the bizarre thing I said during my mums funeral.


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Interview with Jacinta Lowes

podcast Sep 15, 2020

In todays episode we discuss how to set loving boundaries around our own self care as a parent so that we can prioritise filling our own cup up rather than being the lowest priority on our list of things to do!

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Interview with Samantha Nolan-Smith

podcast Sep 08, 2020

In todays episode we discuss how to embrace the new version of you when you step into your sexual energy and what to do to allow yourself to be more visible in this new version.

*TRIGGER WARNING* In the second half of the episode we discuss sexual trauma and this could be confronting for some listeners.



Here are a list of support services and resources if you require immediate support:

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