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Planning for life and business with a feminine edge. Add more pleasure, more fun and more YOU into your days, weeks and years!


I’m Nicky…

I'm a serial entrepreneur. I've created blogs, online courses, websites, YouTube channels and social media pages for the past 8 years. The majority has been focused on helping women start their own businesses with over 300 students through my courses.

However, my passion has always been about teaching what I've learnt over my life to help me get to where I am.

The journey of how I manage life, got through the expectations from family, got through the pressures of living life how society expected me to only to end up depressed once I ticked everything off the list!

I taught in schools for 6 years and since having my second child have been teaching online. I love it. I continue to create a space for women to learn how to get their life back on track or rebuild it, or to keep growing - through helping them to reconnect with themselves + get organised and plan their life with a feminine edge. 

My starting point was peeling back the layers of beliefs around my feminine side. This whole side of me was locked down for most of my life. What I didn't realise was that this is our CREATIVE ENGINE. When we lock it down, we are essentially putting the handbrake on in our journey to create our best lives. 

I've spent the past 3 years exploring, experimenting and growing. It all started with a 30 day orgasm challenge which you can read about here.

Until we embrace our feminine side and reconnect with our physical bodies on a DEEP level, we can't really know our true self or create our best life.

There are so many reasons we feel disconnected from our bodies and our feminine energy; becoming a mother, from our parents as a child or from religion, how society discourages women to discuss sex in a real way, sexual trauma. All of these can create significant blocks for us. 

When we embrace our feminine energy, creating new positive habits (or stopping old ones!) becomes so much easier. In fact, we WANT to treat our bodies + minds better when we are connected intimately with them. 

My focus is to share the real me. Seeing women stand up and make their life happen is why I do this. I don't want to see women waiting until they've lost the baby weight, have their makeup perfect or their kids move out of home. I want to see you living the life you want RIGHT NOW. 
If you are ready to create your best life for YOU, then I want to help you get out of your own way and make it happen. There are a number of ways we can work together. You can find them all HERE.

I would love to hear from you so please email me [email protected]


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