Hi, I'm Nicky.

Planning for life and business with a feminine edge. Add more pleasure, more fun and more YOU into your days, weeks and years!

I’m Nicky…

I am addicted to books, creating new habits, love being outside and regularly discuss orgasms.

My mission is to share my own life lessons to entertain and maybe even inspire you on how I reconnected with the REAL Nicky and stopped hiding her. 

If you are looking for the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to rebuild your life, raise children whilst trying to have a little time to yourself, or create your own business from home, then you are in the right place. 

I'm not overly funny, I'm particularly organised and wear my activewear more often when I’m not active. 

I’m here to help you embrace your sexual energy to reconnect with your true self.

Then we can start to hone in on those goals you’ve been dreaming about but haven’t been able to get there. 

When we reconnect with who we truly are, it's like taking the handbrake off in the journey to creating positive habits and the life you want. 

Remember… it’s what you do every single day that creates your life. 

Everything I teach is based on what has worked for me and to help you experience more pleasure + enjoy life a whole lot more! 


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